Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Juwster's World

Hells Bells, I am so sick of stoopid dumb ass mothers! While getting my nails done today a mother, and I use that term lightly, came in. She had three kids with her. They all appeared to be under the age of ten. She inquired about a pedicure and a manicure. After making the arrangements she then turned to the kids and said "go play in Walmart". Yes, folks this salon is in Walmart. So off the three kids went and as of the time I left the kids had yet to return.

Wans't it Adam Walsh who was left to 'play' in a Sears toy department so many years ago and was later found with his head chopped off by a pervert? Since that time his father John Walsh has made it his mission to make every person aware of child predators so that won't happen again. Perhaps the woman doesn't own a tv, radio or have access to newspapers. Oops, no excuse there since she prompty sat down at started in on her cell phone.

When will people begin to realize that children are their most precious gift and quit treating them like luggage to be sit aside when not needed?

I know one thing. If she sees those kids again she better get down on her knees and thank a higher power they made it back to her mothers arms safely.

Wake up!

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