Thursday, August 9, 2012

August 09, 2012

There were no hotel rooms in Ozona tonight. There are too many oilfield workers there. We stopped in Junction instead. Just before we finished unloading the rain came. We are yet to take a long journey that we do not have rain the first day.

After the rain we saw this beautiful sunset.

Ready to go

Heading to Ozona tonight.

Ready to go

Heading to Ozona tonight.

Brooklyn Bagel Breakfast!

Bagel Breakfast

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring Bark 2012

We love going to The Lonestar Animal Welare League's Spring Bark fundraiser every year. Last year we met the wonderful caretakers of our pups, Leash And Bridle . That alone is worth going, as we now have a cage free boarding facility where we can leave our pups without worry. They are so well taken care of when we have to be away.

These two dogs weighed 150 pounds each!
Is Parsons Pearl a pampered pup or what?

Ah, yawn, just one more dog sniffing my butt....

Yummy! Frosty Paws!!!

This was such an amazing dog, :)

Spoiled Puppies...
The totally awesome

Friday, April 20, 2012

Austin Art Yard Tour 2012

The Sharon Smith

The Faist Plaist

Jim Hates Work

Alley Cat


Goldie's Toys 

Texotica Gardens

Dixon's Art Hut

Sparky Park

Foundation Municipal Park

Sea Yard

Comfort House

Bottle Haus

El Paso Art Bridge

Cathedral Of Junk

Smut Putt Heaven