Monday, March 5, 2012

Billion $ Baby Cooper Blue Eye

June 2000 - March 05, 2012

Cooper came to us as a gift.
We had just lost our beautiful, sweet girl of four years, Harley. It was so unexpected and of course all of our hearts were broken. We had pretty much decided we were not going to get another pup. We still had Dexter who was the dad of Harley. He was seven. Our good friends of many years Juana and Glenn called and told us that they thought we needed a puppy and they wanted to get her for us. We still weren't sure. It wasn't long before Juana called back and told us that Glenn had found us a litter of pups to look at. We went to look and there was the prettiest double dapple with a beautiful blue eye. Her mom was a white dapple and her dad was red. We left with her and took her straight to Juana and Glenn's so they could see the new baby. I wasn't sure I was going to get her back once Glenn had her in his arms. That is how our life started with our Billion Dollar Baby Cooper Blue Eye.

I always thought of this as her pin up girl pose, lol
YaY! Truck Ride!

Cooper was one of the funniest dogs I've ever had. She got herself into some of the funniest situations over the years. I never knew where I might find her. If she was missing I knew I better start looking in some odd spots! And if she heard me calling she would clam up. One time I found her on the third shelf up on the storage shelves in the garage. I have no idea how she got up there. One day she was missing and I looked forever. I called, I looked, I searched everywhere. I finally heard the slightest little sound like a small bell. Ah, her tag! Behind our storage shed we are storing a retainer fence with some bricks stacked up, basically making a wall with no exit on the other end. There is about a 5 inch space there. She had walked in to that space and couldn't get out. I guess daschunds don't come with directions on how to back up, lol

A few weeks ago she had the goldfish head incident.

 I had put an empty box of goldfish crackers out to recycle. Later I heard all kind of commotion in the garage. All sorts of banging noise against the washing machine and such. I went out there and there's Cooper - long black body with a huge goldfish cracker box on her head. Oh, boy, I couldn't not laugh at her predicament. (I saw Parsons laughing too) Then there was her hunting issues. She was always a hunter. I swear she could hunt down a mosquito. Jerry claims she never had a nose but I beg to differ. This almost 12 year old pup snatched a possum out of a tree a few weeks ago and killed it. She jumped that high. A few years ago I had a pond in my yard. I had a favorite white goldfish. Her name was Pearl. One day I came home and Jerry was so distressed. He told me that Cooper had eaten Pearl. Oh, Cooper, girl.....

She loved to find an empty carton or cup...
 Berripop or Starbucks were always favorites....

Cooper Blue loved the lake. She would wade into the lake up to her neck. She just loved it. I would have to come home and bathe her to get all of the duck smell and mud off of her. But if there was a slight sprinkle outside do not even ask her to go out in the backyard.
 My favorite picture of Cooper - at the lake

About a year and a half ago I decided we needed a new pup in the family. Parsons came to us a year ago this month.  Actually, on the way home today Jerry and I were wondering just which date she came home to us. When I got home I looked - it was March 05 2011. One year ago today. Parsons is a very fluffy puppy. Cooper loves fluffy. Shredding fluffy up that is. And that is exactly what Cooper tried to do to Parson's hair as soon as we all got home. Since she had never been around any fluffy pups I don't think she quite knew what to make of her. She just thought Parsons was one of her new toys to tear up. It was funny and disturbing at the same time.

 Soon after that night they were sleeping on the couch butt to butt. The beginning of an unlikely sisterhood. It was so great to see those two pups play together. They were simpatico. They often walked, bodies touching, side by side anywhere they went.

Cooper was game for anything. She loved dressing up in a t-shirt or a costume. And she had a lot of clothes. Christmas dress, hot dog costumes, police uniforms, just about anything you can think of Cooper had it. It's like she thought it was normal for a miniature daschund to dress in clothes.  lol
 Picnic Girl
 Christmas Dress
 Police Girl
Pretty T-shirt that matched her beautiful blue eye
Cooper was there for all the big things. She was there for two high school graduations. I'm sure the kids are so glad she can't talk because she has kept many secrets. (Remember that new years eve party?) She was there when those two kids packed up and left the house.  Thank goodness she decided to stay and not pack up her stuff and go with them!  Big Daddy and I would have been very lonely if she would have done that. She loved on and was loved by every kid who walked through those doors during those years. She has caught every one of my tears. She was there for me when my sister passed away and she understood when I was distracted because of it. She was here when I became a grandmother. I told her the night before that sister was going to have a baby. I'm sad that baby Cameron won't get to meet her. She would have loved him for he is awesome!

Almost five years ago I learned that Cooper had cancer. Dr. Drow told me that it was malignant and that it would come back, as to when we could not predict a time. At that time I felt really scared to lose my baby. I was so worried. But I made a decision that I could live with the cloud of doubt every day or choose to enjoy each and every day. A friend asked me what I was going to do. I told her that I was going to basically treat her as normal and enjoy her life as much as I could. I have.

It's been very hard seeing her sick these last few weeks. It was so very hard to let her go. I didn't want to. Big Daddy and I took her today to Dr. Drows. Philip and Ari were there too. We were all with her in her last moments here on earth. When I got to Dr. Drows today they had a note for me. Glenn and Juana who had started this journey for us almost 12 years ago had called the office. They had told Pattie, the receptionist there to let us know that they were there with us in spirit and thoughts. Wow, how great it is to have friends like that. Jen came to say goodbye yesterday. My voice was in Cooper's ear and I was holding her when she left. I breathed her last breath. I hope I was able to give her a slight bit of the comfort she has given me over these last years.
Cooper loved to sit in her window seat and look out over the neighborhood all day, and especially while we were gone. 

These last years as she got older we would sometimes catch her sleeping. But as soon as she heard the car she would pop her little head up and smile her special smile.  We always knew we were home when we saw those beautiful eyes. Once Parsons joined her in the window seat we saw two smiling faces.  Now it will be back to one face. Although that one little face is so cute, I will always miss that smiling blue eye when I drive up at home.

I have heard some people say they won't have another pet after going through the pain of losing one.
The truth is I would suffer this pain again just to experience her love for one more day.

I love you Cooper Blue.

Run fast to Aunt Sherry, she's waiting for you.....