Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Freestone County Courthouse

Visited Sunday July 06, 2008

Fairfield, Texas

Freestone County
Formed From Limestone County
Created September 6, 1850
Organized January 6, 1851
So Named From The Nature Of It's Stone
County Seat, Fairfield,
Formerly Known As Mound Prarie


Wilbur H. Bailey Memorial Post 5872
Dedicates This Marker Honoring All
Freestone County
Veterans Of All Wars

Peace Officer and Fire Fighters Memorial


James B Rogers 11-27-1836 ~ 04-13-1872 Sheriff
Bragg Dunbar 02-05-1870 ~ 08-09-1918 Constable
Tim Willard 10-02-1895 ~ 04-19-1928 Special Texas Ranger
Barvon C. Hamilton 03-11-1927 ~ 08-01-1998 Firefighter

A visitor was there when I was!

Val Verde Battery

Six Brass Field Guns Taken by Lt. Joseph D. Sayers Company In Civil War Battle of Val Verde N. Mexico, 1862, and brought back to Texas with incredible dificulty, armed a new unit of hand-picked men. Sound of the Val Verde Guns in action set pace for other outfits helped secure such victories as the recapture of Galveston, 1863.
At Mansfield, Louisiana, April 1864. Captured New, Longer-Range Guns.
Unwilling to lose their guns when the war ended, the men buried four. the last commander T. D. Nettles, brought this one home to Freestone County.

Fairfield Lodge No. 103
W. M. Henderson W. M.
W. D. Phillips S. M.
W. H. Ghilds J. W.

Erected 1919
S. W. Robinson County Judge
C. C. Terry - J. B. Roberts - S. L. Bryant - J. W. Lindley
W. M. Rice Contractor - W. R. Kaufman Architect

Stephen F. Austin Oak Tree ~ Plaque


Before you is a Stephen F. Austin Oak Tree grown from an acorn harvested from a magnificent live oak, near present day West Columbia, Texas, at the site where Stephen F. Austin died on December 17, 1836. There, a Texas Historical monument memorializes Austin as "The Father Of Texas". A title given him by General Sam Houston.
This Stephen F. Austin Oak Tree certified by the Texas Forestry Service under the direction of Texas A & M University was presented and planted on the grounds of the Freestone County Court House January 21, 2000 by The Sons Of the Republic Of Texas, Henry Awalt Chapter.

In front of the Fairfield, Texas Post Office

In front of the Freestone County Courthouse

Limestone County Courthouse

Visited July 06, 2008

Limestone County, Texas located in Groesbeck, Texas. Designed by architect R. H. Stuckey of Mid West Engineering Company.

My search for the Thomas Eugene Heiner Courthouses in Texas has mushroomed into Jerry's idea of visiting and photographing all 254 County Courthouses in the State of Texas. I have no idea if we will make all 254 or not but I do know that it will be a lot of fun riding trying to accomplish the task.

At every Courthouse we visit we look for the Cornerstone. If the original Courthouse has been destroyed the town has usually saved the Cornerstone and placed it somewhere on the grounds for history's sake. Often times they will have saved a few bricks or building materials from the old building.

A lot of the Courthouses have tributes to Veterans of all Wars. Some of the Veterans Monuments are elaborate and some are modest. No matter what the design the sentiment is the same. I love every one. I always imagine the fund raising efforts that might have gone into the effort of placing the monument. If names are listed, I can’t help but wonder
What happened to that soldier and be thankful for the sacrifice they made for me.

Dedicated To The Memory of The Heroes of Limestone County Who Gave Their Lives In Defense Of Their country In the World War.
Erected By SIM B Ashburn Post No. 88 November 11, 1928

Sometimes we find very interesting things at a Courthouse. The Bell at Limestone County Courthouse was one of those interesting things. Just imagining the travels this Bell has been on is amazing. It actually left the possession of the County and went to live at another location and then returned many years later. This will be such an interesting story for hundreds of years to come, and one that many will enjoy.

Plaque on the Bell


We the Citizens Gratefully Acknowledge The Blake Smith Family for Their Generous Gift To Limestone County.
Manufactured by Buckeye Bell Foundry, Cincinnati, Ohio in 1908 this bell was placed in the bell and clock tower of the Courthouse built in 1878. It remained in that location until the present Courthouse was completed in 1924. The bell was given to Blake Smith by County Judge H. F. Kirby. It remained with the Smith Family until 2002 when Mrs. Blake (Patty) Smith and her son Robert Pat chose to return it to Limestone County to be placed near the main entrance of the Courthouse for all to enjoy.

Another interesting thing that I love that a lot of the Counties have done is to place a Time Capsule on the Courthouse Grounds. I would love to be in attendance when some of these Time Capsules are opened in the future. It would be very interesting to see what was placed inside. I also wonder how many people will show up for the digging up of the Capsule.


Established in 1846. Classical Revival Building with Beaux Arts Influences. The 1924Limestone County Courthouse is a variation on the most common themes of early 20th centry courthouses. The William Rice Construction Company of Amarillo received the contract for $3000,000.00 to erect the structure. Rice had been the contractor for both the Lipscomb and Lynn County Courthouses.


This giant 20-ft-long stainless steel-plated armadillo is located just outside of Goode Company Bar-B-Q on Kirby Drive and Bartlett Street in Houston, Texas. I just love driving along and seeing things like this! It just brightens my day. I love art. :)