Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Albuqurque, New Mexico ~ Wednesday ~ 08-18-2010

411 Miles yesterday, about 11 1/2 hours. We stopped to see the worlds biggest Muleshoe and the Mule Statue in Muleshoe, Texas. We also went to the Waylon Jennings museum in Littlefield, Texas. It is in a liquor store! Then we had to stop and take a photo of me at the Clovis, New Mexico sign. Hank Baskett lived there after all. We found a hotel on Route 66 in Albuerque. It was originally the Ramada Inn. They have a picture in the office of this strip of Route 66, Knob Hill, in the 1960's with the old cars driving by. It's cool! This morning Big Daddy is off on walk about and I'm resting. I was plagued with issues yesterday that were very irritating and that delayed us about 2 hours. Hopefully today will be much better. I'll fill in the blanks later and add pictures.

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