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Sandia Crest, New Mexico ~ Tinkertown Museum ~ September 08, 2010

Sandia Crest, New Mexico
September 08, 2010

One of our favorite places to visit in the Santa Fe area is Sandia Crest. The ride to the top is curvy and beautiful with lots of trees. It's not unusual to see deer and one time my parents saw a bear along the way. 

I fear one day I will climb one of these walls and fall. My mom said I had this problem when I was very small. She had to watch me closely as I would climb anything.  I always wanted to be on top, I  There was nothing behind this brick but air!!!

Nothing behind here either....

 Again, I love trees!
 There is a magikal place along the road up to Sandia Crest. Tinkertown Museum was a hobby for Ross Ward in 1962, but over the years it became his passion. It took him over 40 years to carve and collect the wonderful things that are now the Tinkertown Museum.  There is no way to describe it. A must see. As one of his signs reads, he did all of that while we were watching tv! 
 He was a self taught artist, a show painter for carnivals, painter, etcher, drawer and a sculptor.
Ross Ward passed away from complications of Alzheimer's Disease on November 13, 2002.

This is one of my favorite displays in the museum. It kind of fits with one of my hobbies. :)
 Of course, I have to get my fortune every time we visit! So much fun!
 There is so much detail in this mini circus I could look at it for hours. It is truly an amazing work of art.

 My size Five's in size Twenty-Two Circus Performers Shoes

 I stood here for quite a while - both times we were there.

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