Friday, June 24, 2011

Sedona, Arizona ~ September 07, 2010

Sedona, Arizona
September 07, 2011

 Marguerite Bruswig Staudefirst conceived the Chapel of The Holy Cross in 1932 while observing the newly constructed Empire State Building. She saw a cross when she viewed it from a certain angle. Wanting to build a structure as a thanksgiving she traveled Europe looking for a location. While her husband was traveling through Sedona she found the perfect location, as she was struck by the beauty of the area.
The Diocese of Phoenix and St John Vianney parish has maintained and administered the Chapel since 1969.

This was a very large home we could view from the top of the Chapel. It was very large and had an observatory on top.

                                                                 Overlook Point
We  climbed up to Overlook Point to see the sunset.  It was so beautiful!

 Sedona is by far one of the most beautiful and spiritual places we have visited. The other being Joshua Tree, California. I would have to say these are two of the places I would want to take a second trip to. We had planned to stay in Sedona for two days and we ended up staying for four days.  We loved it there. It is a town for artists and hikers, and explorers, and tourist.  It is a town for everyone. It is especially a town for motorcyclists. The roads surrounding Sedona are curving and filled with beauty. The mountains are gorgeous.  The mysterious rocks here do strange things in the sun. They change color. It's as if they soak up the suns rays so they can put on a sort of show for your eyes. 

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