Friday, September 23, 2011

Montgomery, Alabama ~ Hank Williams ~ September 23, 2011

Oakwood Cemetery Annex
Montgomery, Alabama
 Hank was originally buried several yards away. He was moved a few days later to be next to his mother, and to also be in a larger plot to allow for future burial of his former wife.
 Hank Williams Museum
Downtown Montgomery
They have the car in which Hank passed over and also the very same suit in which he left his body in.
They also have many of his Nudie suits, which are in wonderful shape and are awesome! I love a good Nudie suit.  Many things are on loan from Hank, Jr.
 Hank Williams Memorial Statue
Downtown Montgomery

 Hank is looking toward the civic center where his funeral was held.  More than 20,000 people attended. The museum has video of that day.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jerry in Alabama ~ 09/22/2011

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Alabama ~ Finally!

New tire installed.  Whoo-whoo for the extended warranty!  As we have found in this and other situations the Harley Dealers really work to get you back on the road if you have an issue while traveling. We Got back on the road and went back to Mississippi.  Drove through and finally made it to Alabama. I am still loving all of the green, it's so pretty. With the drought so bad in Texas we haven't seen that in a long time.  Hopefully we will be in Montgomery tonight.

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Went to Mississippi this morning. Got off the bikes to take a picture and uh-oh! An almost flat tire. Back to Slidell, Louisiana to the Harley Dealer. Sucks to have to wait for service when you really want to on the road.

The culprit is a nail.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Louisiana Second Stop on Vacation ~ 09-20-2011

This morning started with a heavy fog. It was hard to see through the windshield.
Nothing to do but get a huge breakfast at Cracker Barrel. I must be off my game because I forgot to take a picture of my food.
San Antonio was fun and relaxing but it's time to put in some serious miles and actually get somewhere.
As soon as we hit Beaumont the love bugs appeared. I know they are love bugs but I really loathe them. Ugh! So many bug guts to clean off my windshield, not to mention my pants. Poor little bugs.. what a way to go.
Louisiana is so green! Such a change from all of the dying grass and trees I have been seeing for so long now. The flowers are pretty. The smell of the fresh cut grass is glorious. Yes, they actually have grass to cut!
Next stop is Baton Rouge. I've never been there before. Right now we are in Lafayette. Perhaps will make it to Hammond this afternoon. Tomorrow will be in Montgomery, Alabama.

**Tuesday, P.M.
We ended up in Denham Springs, Louisiana tonight.  Had a great meal at El Rancho Mexican Grill.  I think Big Daddy was tired.

Tomorrow I think I'll just go and visit 'ole Hank Williams!

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