Thursday, June 16, 2011

 Moody Gardens
Galveston, Texas

Originally we were going to check out a couple of other places this past weekend. But considering several things we decided to just go to Moody Gardens.  We haven't been in years and it was a nice day.  We didn't go on the Colonel Paddle Wheel.  
We started in the aquarium.  The seals and the penguins were very cute!  I loved them. They had some shells and things that you could feel.  They were very interesting. 


We went to the Rain Forest and it was so beautiful. There were gorgeous birds, cute monkeys, and colorful butterflies.

 And out of all of the people in the Rain Forest, Mr. Monkey decided he wanted to come and visit with Philip. He just climbed right up face to face and sat there. It was okay until I
decided to talk to Mr. Monkey and then the 12 year old hall monitor ran over and told us to stay '5 feet away from the animals', 'don't touch the animals', too late we already held the butterflies.... 

They have everything Dippin' Dots there.  Philip got a Dippin Dots Parfait - Dippin Dots and Icee.  Yummy!

We went to the 3D Imax where I think we all had droopy eyes and took a bit of a nap. Well, I know three of us did anyway.  Then we went to the Ride Film.  Whatever you do HOLD ON if you go to this.  lol, lol, lol

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