Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kemah Boardwalk ~ April 17, 2011

Kemah Boardwalk Visit
Crawfish Festival

 Double Decker Carousel

 Yes, we got caught again, it never fails!


 Ari and Philip

 My Pa Pa would be very happy to see this mess of Catfish!

 The Stingrays are very velveety and kind of slimy at the same time.
 Their mouths are underneath and seem quite big.  Their teeth are very strong. One of them caught my fingernail and closed on it.  I think that it tought it was the fish.  Very strong teeth!

 I don't think they like to have one hand underneath them and one hand on the top of them.  They start wiggling and then they splash you really big!
 Ari and I really liked feeding the Stingrays today.  I'd love to go back soon and spend some time with them.
 This is one huge turtle.  He must be really old.

 I was looking at this gorilla to see if his eyes moved and all of a sudden he moved his big head and scared me half to death. 

 My friend, April,  loves giraffes. Thought I would take this picture so she could see this huge stuffed masterpiece.
 Crawfish Festival

 Baby Rabbits
 Mommie Rabbit
 I've never seen baby rabbits before.  They were so very tiny. One was scratching with his hind foot and rolling over.  Just adorable.
 I really don't know what to say about this little guy....
 Ari really wanted some crawfish.  At the festival there were only two lines.  Probably about an hour to get the crawfish.  She decided to just wait and eat something else.  As we were walking to the car we found her a lonely crawfish on the side of the road....