Sunday, October 24, 2010

Revival In Corpus Christi, Texas ~ October 24, 2010

Today is the much anticipated Alice Cooper show in Corpus Christi, Texas. Big Daddy and I are meeting our friends Scott, Jasun *Bat*, and Laura at Blackbeards Restaurant to catch up before we go and experience The Master.

Scott and I met several years ago through the now defunct Alice fan group "Sickthings". We met in person at an Alice show in Houston at the Verizon Wireless Theatre in 1997. After many shows and countless (he is always welcoming) visits to his art yard 'Smut Putt Heaven' he has grown be a true friend to Jerry, Philip, Ari and me.
As almost any true Alice fan can attest, there is almost an insane obsession to meet the man. I was so close to that meeting so many times over the years. The very closest encounter I had was at The Woodlands Pavillion when Brian "Renfield" Nelson, Alice's longtime assistant took me and my sister backstage. Michael Bruce was at the concert that night. He sat right in front of us at the show. Unfortunately, I blame my lack of meeting Alice that night on Michael. But that is another story. Michael was nice and signed our things that night.

In 2008 I got an email with the title "Alice in Dallas". It was Scott letting me know that the featured VIP at Texas Frightmare Weekend was Alice Cooper. For the price of a VIP ticket you would get to meet Alice, attend a VIP party with the other celebrities and get a custom t-shirt. The time had finally arrived. 2008 ~ 36 years of waiting and trying would finally culminate in The Event.

The plans were made and we took the trip to Dallas where we met Scott and his friend Jasun. Jasun, who was destined to become the only person I know who has ever met Alice in person before he ever saw him in concert. Quite a feat! We all had our meetings and took our photos and got the autographs we wanted and it was a great time.

In 2009 Alice was to be in Houston at the Verizon Wireless Theatre. Ah! A reunion. Scott, Bat, Bat's wife Laura, Philip, Ari, and I met at the Hard Rock and then went to the show. Me flying my new Alice tattoo.

Some think my Alice obsession is over the top and crazy. Okay. Perhaps it is. Some people are obsessive about sports teams, cars, golf, fishing. I have Alice.

If nothing else I have gained valuable friendships through the Alice circle - and it keeps growing.

So tonight while I'm enjoying my Nightmare at the Halloween Hootenanny think about your passions in life. Mine are my family, friends, motorcycles and Alice Cooper. It's a good idea to take advantage of those passions now, enjoy them, cherish them and have fun with them. We won't be here forever.

Hello, hooray, let the show begin, I've been ready....

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