Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So sad to hear of the passing of my FaceBook and Twitter friend @Ivy Bean. Ivy was 104 and had quite a zest for life. She's been ill the last few days but tweets have been coming via her daughter, Sandra and her caretaker Pat.

Ivy is a true example that you are never too old to enjoy life. I loved reading of her adventures. She was invited to #10 Downing Street for a visit with the Prime Minister. When she arrived back home she shared pictures and the bit of news the she had used his private toilet. lol Now this is story sharing I can really relate to! The small things in life do matter. Other stories she shared were about her food. Friday was fish and chips day and she really loved that. She also loved her tea and biscuits. The sweet enjoyment of food....... When is the last time you really took a good long time with your meal and really tasted it enough to appreciate and savor it? Anyone who has broken bread with me lately knows that I do enjoy my food a little much sometimes, but, hey, I like to appreciate what the earth has provided. Another of her passions was pop star Peter Andre. And get this - she actially met him! He sent her flowers and we got to see pictures of them. We also saw the family pictures and new baby pictures when a new great-grand would come along.

The computer was not invented until Ivy was 50. The first telephone came along when she was 6. She got connected with Twitter about a year ago after her Facebook account grew beyond the fan limit. Twitter has no limit. She also loved to play her Nintendo Wii.

RIP, Ms Ivy. The internet community will miss you. :)

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