Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Confession ~ I Have A Lover.....

I may as well admit. I know a lot of you have already suspected as much in the last few months. This is a bit hard to put in the written word, but, okay, I have a lover. No, not, Jerry, another lover. I do think that he suspects there is something going on and he has for some months now. How could he miss it?
At times I find my mind wondering to the times that I have been with my other ‘man’. Oh what wonderful times we have had together. It doesn’t have to be anything really special that we do. Just hanging out, going to the store, sometimes just to pick up a few groceries, or just to run a few errands together. You know, it’s not always in the quantity of the time, but sometimes just the quality. And man, let me tell you, he does give me quality time! I don’t think there could be any better quality. I truly don’t.
Sometimes, at night, I have found myself dreaming of the times we’ve been together. And if not the previous times we’ve been together I have had dreams of the things we will do in the future. Oh, yes, I know we will have a future together. I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around the possibility of having to give him up. Just the thought of it puts me into a deep panic. What would I do without him? When I have those dreams of our future endeavors I wake up feeling so invigorated, so refreshed, as if we really have been on a great adventure together. Sometimes it helps me make it through the day to remember those dreams. And to know that we can make those dreams come true one day. It might take a while but eventually we can reach every goal we make. Sometimes it helps me make it through the day just to remember the times we've spent together. Wow, what great memories we have made. Often times when he is resting I find myself just staring at him, gazing at his beauty. God, is he beautiful. I’ve never seen a better specimen. Oh, there are others, but not like him. He’s the best. I can’t be swayed by anyone else. I’ve found my perfect match. No one else will do now. I just know my thighs were made to wrap around him. I get such pleasure from rubbing him, massaging him and making sure he is in good shape. And why shouldn't I? He is so good to me. Shouldn't I return the favor?
It started out innocently enough, but then I started buying him little gifts. Just small little things that I thought would make him look better. And looking better makes you feel better, right? Well, they did make him look better and then the obsession just got worse. Therein lies the problem. The obsession just keeps getting worse and worse. Our time together is like a drug, it really is. Sometimes if I have had a stressful day I can meet up with him and my stress just goes away. He relaxes me like nothing else I've ever known. How can you explain something like that? Our time apart is increasingly difficult for me. The longing is just like a drug. And now I have a feeling that we have been spotted out together. He is so unique that if we were seen out in public everyone would know it was us. That is what I am worried about. The secret will soon be revealed. What to do? So I just must go ahead and confess now.
There is a song that reminds me of him. Actually my Idol, Alice Cooper, must have written this very song about my lover.

Somebody better shake you
Somebody better turn your head around
I'm scratching like a wild cat
I'm spitting fire on the ground
You got my venom running thru ya
Ain't gonna let you run off wild
I'm Snakebite
I'm your only man
Snakebite is your lover
You'll never hide, baby understand
Snakebite drags you under
I'm Snakebite
They call me Snakebite
Nobody gonna take you
Nobody gonna touch your rebel skin
I'll break 'em like a matchstick
Cuz baby that's the kind of mood I'm in
My face is tattooed on your shoulder
Your name is scratched into my bike, yeah
You got my venom runnin' thru ya
If you're gonna run
Go running scared, I'm right behind ya

So now I must confess. Here he is.

My Lover, the One I Was Born to Wrap My Thighs Around.
My 2008 Softail Deluxe

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Suzy said...

I thought for a moment that your lover could have been Cooper but didn't think that you had become a lesbian, but who knows. lol Hopefully, you will be able to wrap those thighs around your lover soon and get back to giving him the ride of his life.....