Thursday, October 28, 2010

98 ~ 85 ~82 ~ 1 ~ October 27, 2010

Harry Hodson, 85, who is meeting his waiting wife in the next world is my friend Scotts neighbor.

Ralph Thomas, 82, WWII Marine is leaving behind his beloved Betty "Caboose". He is also leaving in the virtual world many stories, photos (some of them very funny) and some of Caboose's great recipes which he shared with his Findagrave family. Findagrave will certainly never forget him, :)

Harry Cooper was just one half of the famous OG's.
The Original Grandparents. Being a 98 year old blogger is only one of the things that made Harry original.
Harry is leaving Barbara "Cutie" to continue telling their wonderful stories and insightful tips. After 73 years of Harry and Cutie flying like one bird with two wings, Cutie must somehow grow another wing and learn to fly on her own.

Our friend Lupe's sister's Great-Grand baby drowned in the bathtub a couple of nights ago. Returning to sit and swing on rainbows and smile from the skies after blessing her parents with her spirit for just ONE Year.

Harry, Ralph and Harry seem to have had what we have come to expect as long lives. Their combind ages are 266 Years. I'm sure they were filled with many events along the way. Blessings, heartache, tears, joys, greatness, love, and the changes of the world.
But I'm sure when you get closer to 98 or 82 or 85 and you think of leaving your loved ones, you might be thinking you'd like more time. I think I would.

I can accept the passings of the Harry's and Ralph. Well, what choice would I have in the matter anyway? It's the circle of life, I guess.

What I can't accept is the passing of a one year old baby! What is the purpose of that in the circle of life?

I have a friend who lost a child several years ago. The members of her church came to visit. Their basic message to her was "What is God trying to teach you?" WTF? As if God would punish a person for a sin by taking their child. Often times people make comments of "It will get better with time." or "You'll have other babies." Right, as if one could replace one soul with another and things will get all better.

I've not lost a child but I lost a sister. I can tell you these things. Time heals nothing. Words do not help. There is no platitude on earth that can be a comfort to someone in their loss.

The most helpfull thing you could ever say to a person who has lost someone is:

"I'm here for you day or night, I'll listen, just call me."

Also, don't start acting as if the lost loved one never existed! Many people have told me they didn't want to mention Sherry as they didn't want to upset me.

She. Was. My. Sister.

But the biggest thing people need to remember is that SHE WAS. She was here. We had fun, we laughed, and we cried. We did all the things me and my living relatives do and talk about. It does me good to have those memories of her too.

What a very short list of memories parents must have of a baby.

I have often heard that once a loved leaves you can take all of your time greiving or you can try to honor their life by living your own. The things you do in your life can be a tribute to those gone before. It may be something as simple as tending a special garden that you know is in their honor. Perhaps taking a new hobby that you know you both had talked about but never did it.

Even simpler just walk out into a beautiful day, look at what nature has laid before us, listen to those wonderful birds chirp, look to the sky and say:

"Hello, Baby, Is she pushing your Rainbow swing just right for you today?" ;)

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