Thursday, September 2, 2010

Packed and ready for the 9 hour drive to Truth or Consequenses, New Mexico -- Wednesday, September 02, 2010 ~ Stamina Baby!

Well Kiss My Ass!!!  It ended up being an 11 HOUR DRIVE!!!  Now that there IS what you call stamina....The hot springs mineral bath in my wonderful huge shower spa combo in the Fire Water Lodge was worth the ride to Truth or Consequences though. We had to go through a police road block today. They pulled us over to the side as we had to get out our license and insurance cards. As it ended up they were more interested in asking where we were from, where we had been and about the accessories on our bikes. Another cop ended up coming over to ask Big Daddy about his center stand on his bike and the cop talking to me wanted to know where to get a CB radio for his bike.  Ain't life grand????

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