Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ten Things

Ten things I love about being on the road

1) The smell of fresh cut grass

2) Speed limit signs that say 80

3) Butterflies that fly in front of me on the highway

4) Great low soaring birds who come really close to me

5) Trains running vertically along the roadway with me

6) Big smiles from people in cars

7) Beautiful mountains whose colors look like Starbucks Mocha Frapuccino
8) Signs that say 'whatever town we are staying in that night' 10 miles

9) The wind in my face

10) My riding partner giving me a wink and a big smile at a red light

Ten things I hate about being on the road

1) Stoopid Drivers texting while driving!
2) Tailgaters

3) Extreme Cold

4) Signs that say 'construction'

5) Big black bugs that want to kill themselves on my knuckles; ouch!

6) The smell of cow shit, howdy Amarillo, howdy Oxnard, California!

7) Having to stop for the "neccessaries"

8) Helmet off, helmet on, helmet off, helmet on,......

9) Well I can only think of eight and find myself wanting to add more to the 10 things I love.

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