Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter ~ 2010

Easter ~ 2010

Tomorrow morning is Easter. I guess Easter doesn't mean much to people who do not follow a certain religion. When my kids were little we celebrated Easter with the Easter bunny coming and leaving a basket overnight, and on Easter day we had an Easter Egg hunt. But it was never related to religion.

When I was growing up we were very active in the Baptist church, therefore, our Easter celebrations included both the religious celebration at church and the non-traditional celebrations at home. We would get a special Easter dress that usually seemed to consist of some material that scratched our skin in some form or another. But they were always very pretty. We would wear those cute white socks with the ruffled lace at the top. And off we would go to church to see everyone else's dresses and the boys new shirts. There was always picture taking. Not so unusual today when everywhere you look there is the snap of some device, but in those days using film was a special occasion. Of course my sister and I much preferred the home celebration as it included the colored eggs and candy. It was so fun to color the eggs! We would put the little tablets in the vinegar and watch it fizz, then add the hot water and wait to drop in the eggs. We just loved writing on the eggs with the crayon and bringing it out of the water to see that in that spot there was not color and you could read the message. What fun!

As we got older we repeated these same things with our kids, never missing an Easter together. The amount of chocolate we to could put away was amazing. Talk about sugar overdose. We ate as much as the kids.

This is my 7th Easter without my sister here on earth. Although things are different now, I'm so glad that we made the most of the time we had. Living and laughing.

She left several rolls of film that were undeveloped. A few months after her passing I received a package in the mail with a note. It was a picture in a frame. Her husband had developed the film and found this very interesting photo. I have no idea what we were doing this day, perhaps it was close to Easter, or perhaps we were just being silly as usual.

But one thing is for sure, you never know when you will find bunny ears or another type of adornment on my head. And thank the higher power and my sister for that fact!


pieces_of_april said...

I'm typing this with tears in my eyes. I've seen this picture many times, but I never knew the story behind it.

pieces_of_april said...

I will always remember our Astroworld experience and when Sherri bombarded the tollbooth with her car!!

juwster said...

Ha, Ha, April! I just saw this comment. Yes, the day Aunt Sherry cratered the toll booth arm was an historic day. Oh, man, I'll never forget seeing that in the rearview mirror....bam, crash, wood flying What a memory, one of so, so many...